Program schedule for upcoming meetings of the Madison County Beekeepers Association

All programs are planned based on the time of year and in response to members regarding what they would like to learn more about.    If there is a topic that you would like to see a program on, please contact Bob Fanning.    If you have a specialty or experience in some area of beekeeping and would like to present a program at one of our meetings likewise contact Bob Fanning or any Officer or Board of Directors member.    The program schedule is put together by the Program Chairman and presented to our President for final review before it is published.  

Please check back before each meeting for changes.    We try hard not to make changes to the published schedule but sometimes changes are unavoidable.


The program schedule for the year July 2016 through July 2017 is as follows:

July 14, 2016:

Elections and gadget night + Special guest speaker

This is traditional election night.   The election of new officers, per our constitution, is always held at the July meting.    This is where the officers and BOD members are elected for the following year.    If you are a "dues paid up" member and would like to run for any office, please contact the President, any officer or BOD member.    Per our constitution, the President appoints an odd number of "dues paid up" members in good standing to the Nominating Committee.    The Nominating Committee will select a slate of candidates for the upcoming year.    On election night, the President will ask for a report from the chairman of the Nominating Committee.     The President will then open the floor for nominations from the floor.    Once the slate of nominees is finalized the President will close the floor to nominations and the "dues paid up" members present will elect the slate of officers and BOB members by majority vote.     Immediately after the election is completed, the new slate of officers will take over the meeting.

Special guest speaker

Ken Garcia is a physicist supporting our warfighters at Redstone Arsenal and is doing research at the A&M Physics laboratories to detect adulteration in honey.   
He will present a brief lecture on work done at A&M Physics Laboratory using lasers to detect adulterants (HFCS) in honey.     A&M is collecting samples of local pure honey to serve as a reference to detect imported fakes.   Anyone wishing to help the research can donate a small sample (6 oz or smaller) to be collected at the mtg.   Any published research will be anonymous with all samples just having a code number.

July 16, 2016: 

MCBA Annual Picnic

Although this is not a program it is a major fun day for all MCBA members and guest.   The Annual MCBA Picnic will be held July 16, 2016 from noon until 5 PM at the YACC Pavilion at Monte Sano State Park.    The Pavilion is near the Country Store which is not far from the Park entrance (same pavilion as last year).    The address is 5105 Nolen Ave., Huntsville, AL 35801.    The MCBA will provide burgers, hot dogs, side items, and drinks as well as games!

See you there!   


September 8, 2016:

Medicating Your Bees (Lonnie Funderburg)

Lonnie Funderburg is a member of the Madison County Beekeepers Association.     He is a Georgia Certified Master Beekeeper (where he currently is an instructor for that program), past President of the Alabama Beekeepers Association, current President of the Walker County Beekeepers Association.    Lonnie was selected Beekeeper of the year by the Alabama Beekeepers Association in 2012.

This program will cover all phases of medicating your honeybees for all known pest at the time of the program.   



November 10, 2016 :

Eating Meeting

The 2016 Eating Meeting will be held at LawLers Barbecue located at 544 Hugh's road in Madison.    The MCBA will be in our own sectioned off area.    We will order from the menu, dutch treat.    It is always difficult to find a location that is ideal for all members.    The Officers of the MCBA did a great job in locating this restaurant as it is located pretty much central to most members and they have great BBQ.

The November meeting, every year, is the only meeting that is not held on the grounds of the Huntsville Botanical Garden but instead is held at a local area restaurant.    It is sort of a holiday gathering with no meeting or non urgent business handled.    We just meet, eat and socialize.   The Garden has its largest single money raising event (The Galaxy of Lights) starting in late November so because of the very busy Garden actives, we decided not to meet there in November.    Though this is a valid reason for moving the Eating Meeting off site, it was actually started by the MCBA long before the Garden started the Galaxy of Lights program.


January 12, 2017:

Spring Prep (Bill Mullins)

Bill is a past Vice President of the Alabama Beekeepers Association, long time past Vice President and member of the Board of Directors of the MCBA, currrent chairman of the Beekeeping Commodity division of Alfa.   Bill was selected Alabama Beekeeper of the Year by the Alabama Beekeepers Association in the year 2011.     His term of membership is among the longest in the MCBA.     Bill and his son Todd own and operate "Bill's Honey Farm" on Moores Mill Rd in Meridianville Al where he has designed and built a first class, high volume honey production honey processing facility.     Bill is the only "known to me" producer of of pollen in this area on a  commercial scale.     His operation currently produces mainly honey, pollen and candles however he has also produced and sold both queens and splits (nucs) in the recent past.     In addition to his beekeeping endevor, he also has a "Pick your Own" blueberry operation on his farm.     Bill learned the beekeeping caft from his grandfather.

Planned topic is  "Spring Prep" and will include:

·         Swarm Lists

·         Questions to ask





March 9, 2017

Trap outs, Cutouts and Bee Vacuums (Lionel Evans) 

Lionel is a long time north Alabama Beekeeper.    He is currently on the BOD for the Madison County Beekeepers Association.    He was the principal founder of the Limestone County Beekeepers Association where he currently serves as President.   Lionel played a major role in starting up and keeping going the North Alabama Beekeeping Seminar that is currently held in August every year.    He is the ALFA Commodity Chairman for Limestone county.    One of is areas of experience in Beekeeping is in colony removals where he averages around 50 a year in the north Alabama area.    Back in 2013, Lionel and Butch Adams set up a program where they talked to virtually every middle and high school in Limestone county about honeybees and beekeeping.


May 11, 2017

Summer Prep (Dale Rohe)

Dale is s long time member of the Madison County Beekeepers Association and currently serves on the BOD.   Dale is on the board of the Madison Farmers Market where he handles the honey sales.    Dale was the designer and builder of the MCBA Parade Float in Madison where the float won first place every year that it was entered.

Planned topics to be covered include:


Elections and Gadget Night

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