Program schedule for upcoming meetings of the Madison County Beekeepers Association

All programs are planned based on the time of year and in response to members regarding what they would like to learn more about. If there is a topic that you would like to see a program on, please contact Dale Rohe VP and program chairman or Bob Fanning. If you have a specialty or experience in some area of beekeeping and would like to present a program at one of our meetings likewise contact Dale Rohe or Bob Fanning or any Officer or Board of Directors member. The program schedule is put together by the Program Chairman and presented to our President for final review before it is published.

Please check back before each meeting for changes.    We try hard not to make changes to the published schedule but sometimes changes are unavoidable.


The program schedule for the year Sept 2017 through July 2018 is as follows:


September 14, 2017:

Medicating Your Bees (Keith Fletcher)

Keith Fletcher is a member of the Madison County Beekeepers Association and the Alabama Beekeepers Association (ABA). He has served on the MCBA BOD as well as the ABA BOD. Keith is currently President of the Jackson County Beekeepers Association.

He is a Georgia Certified Master Beekeeper, an Alabama Certified Master Beekeeper and had completed courses toward becoming a Certified EAS Master Beekeeper before retiring from the military in the DC area and returning home to Big Orange country. Keith has served as head of the ABA Master beekeepers Program.

Keith is a very knowledgeable in all phases of beekeeping.

This program will cover all pest and diseases of honey bees known in this area at this time and offer solutions on how best to deal with them (not necessarily with hard chemicals).

Emphasis will be placed on the life cycle and identification of American Foul Brood. This should be of special interest to all since Terramycin (and no other antibiotic that is known to prevent AFB) is available for use in the beehive without a prescription from a licensed Veterinarian as of January 1, 2017.



November 9, 2017:

Eating Meeting

The 2017 Eating Meeting will be held at Kacey's Home Cooking restaurant which is located 10017 S. Memorial Parkway, in south Huntsville (35803).   We will be in our own sectioned off area.    Kacey's is a buffet style restaurant so we will go through the buffet line (dutch treat) and return to our own closed off area to eat and socialize.   Tell the cashier that you are with the Madison County Beekeepers Association.   Kacey's is located in the old south Huntsville Ryan's building (not the one that was on University/Pratt).    We have held our annual "Eating Meeting" there before, when it was Ryan's.    Click here to view Kacey's menu.   Kacey's has a salad bar, food bar and desert bar + ice cream and the prices are quite reasonable.

Click Here for a map to Kacey's, where the Eating Meeting will take place.   Coming from the south on the Parkway, take the Weatherly Road exit and Kacey's will be on your right (on the access road) just beyond McDonalds and next door to Dairy Queen.    Coming from the north, turn left (east) onto Weatherly road, which will take you under the Parkway.     Then take a right at the first traffic light onto Blanda Dr.   Blanda goes parallel to the railroad tracks and you will turn right (west) into Kacey's back parking lot.   (Blanda terminates in back of McDonalds.)

The November meeting, every year, is the only meeting that is not held on the grounds of the Huntsville Botanical Garden but instead is held at a local area restaurant.   It is sort of a holiday gathering with no meeting or non-urgent business handled.   We just meet, eat and socialize.   The Garden has its largest single money raising event (The Galaxy of Lights) starting in late November so because of the very busy Garden actives, we decided not to meet there in November.   Though this is a valid reason for moving the Eating Meeting off site, it was actually started by the MCBA long before the Garden started the Galaxy of Lights program.

Hope to see you there!!


January 11, 2018:

Late winter / Spring Prep (Bob Fanning)

Bob is a past President of the Alabama Beekeepers Association, long time past President and member of the Board of Directors of the MCBA, Bob was selected Alabama Beekeeper of the Year by the Alabama Beekeepers Association in the year 2000. Bob operates Almer’s Apiary on Four Mile Post Rd in SE Huntsville. Almer’s Apiary was started by his father (Almer) at age 10 and has been in continuous operation since.

Planned topic is "Spring Prep" and will include:

·         Swarm Lists

·         Swarm related Questions to ask

March 8, 2018

Inspecting your colonies and what to look for (Wes Caudle)

Wes is currently employed by the state of Alabama as the north Alabama Apiary Inspector. Wes will bring us up to date on the latest “goings on” at state level as well as give us valuable advice and instructions on how to inspect your hives, what to look for and what to do about what you find. This is an outstanding chance for you to meet and get to know our local state apiary inspector, you will be inmpressed!


April 28, 2018: (tentitive)

MCBA Annual Picnic

Although this is not a program it is a major fun day for all MCBA members and guest.   The Annual MCBA Picnic will be held TBD from noon until 5 PM at the YACC Pavilion at Monte Sano State Park.    The Pavilion is near the Country Store which is not far from the Park entrance (same pavilion as last year).    The address is 5105 Nolen Ave., Huntsville, AL 35801.    The MCBA will provide burgers, hot dogs, side items, and drinks as well as games!

See you there!  


May 10, 2018

Summer Prep (Dale Rohe)

Dale is s long time member of the Madison County Beekeepers Association and is currently serves as Vice President of the MCBA.   Dale is on the board of the Madison Farmers Market where he handles the honey sales.    Dale was the designer and builder of the MCBA Parade Float in Madison where the float won first place every year that it was entered.

Planned topics to be covered include:

July 12, 2018:

Elections and gadget night

This is traditional election night.   The election of new officers, per our constitution, is always held at the July meting.    This is where the officers and BOD members are elected for the following year.    If you are a "dues paid up" member and would like to run for any office, please contact the President, any officer or BOD member.    Per our constitution, the President appoints an odd number of "dues paid up" members in good standing to the Nominating Committee.    The Nominating Committee will select a slate of candidates for the upcoming year.    On election night, the President will ask for a report from the chairman of the Nominating Committee.     The President will then open the floor for nominations from the floor.    Once the slate of nominees is finalized the President will close the floor to nominations and the "dues paid up" members present will elect the slate of officers and BOB members by majority vote.     Immediately after the election is completed, the new slate of officers will take over the meeting.

Gadget night is where our members are asked to bring items, tricks and gimmicks they have developed or discovered that they think might be of interest to beekeepers in general.


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