"Pollination for Small Farmers"

Back in February of 2000, I did a presentation on pollination at the Alabama Pumpkin Growers Convention in Birmingham, Alabama. While there, I picked up a sample copy of a magazine that is published for the small farming community. I was also fortunate enough to meet the publisher / editor, Ron Macher. Since I and most other beekeeping operations in the state of Alabama are small farmers, I immediately identified with "Small Farm Journal". If you have not had the pleasure of reading "Small Farm Journal" you are missing a treat.

The current issue (November / December 2000) included an outstanding article by Kim Flottom (we all know Kim as the editor of Bee Culture magazine) entitled "Pollinating with Bees".

As is typical for the articles that Ron publishes, this one really hit the target with respect to the pollination problems (and suggested solutions) facing the small farmer today. I have copied the entire article, with permission form both Kim and Ron and have included in our WebPage. To read the article click one Page 1, Page 2 then Page 3. This approach was used to expedite your download idle time. While pages 2 and 3 are down loading you can be reading page 1.

It has been my observation that most all beekeepers are also interested in farming in general. Few of us however have good enough jobs or should I say income to finance a farming venture. Our best bet is to read about others who are succeeding, particularly the small farming operations which is where most of us would fit. I recommend that you at least get a sample copy of "Small Farm Journal" and give it a try. I believe you will like it.

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Bob Fanning